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High Fantasy, Fantasy, Adult fiction, Drama, Adventure

Juramento de Sangre


299 0 0 0

Valken hizo un juramento, uno al que dedicará el resto de su vida a cumplir; sin importar los obstáculos u odiseas que tenga que superar para conseguirlo, impulsado por diversas emociones humanas que están en conflicto entre sí dentro de su ser, nada lo desviará...

The Children of the Dragon I: The Crimson King

By Prymerion1700

573 0 0 0

After a civil war twenty years ago, the land of Prymeryon comes to relative peacetime on the brink of yet another war. a good and decent king now rules the Crimson Throne as shadow, deceit and political intrigue scour royal corridors. Daggers lie waiting to...

Chronicles of Osera: Child of Mesendra

By Jennaskel

4559 1 0 22386

When the spirit of the bear fades and the wings are struck down from the sky, the Child of Mesendra will rise. The Kingdom will fall in their wake and the sky will weep with scarlet tears. The rivers will carry the message through the land of Mesendra's child...

Yiko's Castle - The Light traped within Darness

By YikosCastle

128 0 0 13308

The begining of the story or the middle depending on whome you ask. A kingdome thrown into kayose and two siblings caught in the middle. Friends are few and enimes are unknown and unseen. The kingdome once known for it pure light srugles to hold one to what...

Adventure of the Misfit Trio

By Chris Basha

345 0 0 506

In the world of Fearun, three strangers are thrust together by a series of circumstances to investigate strange happenings in the Dessarin Valley.