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Political Fantasy

The Farmer King

By Admiral Tauross

263 0 0 1

Long years had passed since Kalasa lost its throne and the Ardethaen king stole Queen Neileena from her country and forced her into his harem. Having escaped Arderethar and fled into the shrouded mountains, and wedding a mountaineer, she has raised both the...


By SailingOcelot

342 0 0 0

War is a collection of stories involving characters from Sea Hears Project

The Warmage

By Windblossom

1182 0 0 2964

Politics and Gods clash in a world where magic is given to those who swear their lives to serve the diety whose power they seek. But where great power is available to all, the Gods have begun to die and new alliances are formed to salvage what power they can....

Axys Tirne

By PZansei

647 0 0 0

[Center][B]Godly superpowers are now [i]15% off![/i][/B][/Center] In this alternate timeline where 21st century science developed pharmaceutical drugs that grant superpowers, the potential of humankind and the potential job market is polarized now more than...

Masks & Matches

By KenzieB

332 0 0 4

Olivia Parker had the perfect life. She was given her dream Purpose Placement, Guardian of Mental Health. She was Matched with the best guy a girl could ask for & the most amazing best friend who's been by her side since Starter school. Jack & Elena were the...

The Conquering of Heidon

By Gavionara

94 0 0 0

Premise: Two women from our world get reincarnated into another world and decide to conquer it, beginning with the Kingdom of Heidon. (The Conquering of Caedonari series) Finding herself in an unfamiliar room, and subsequently an unfamiliar world, (Bernie)...