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Literature RPG

E'er'all PRPG

By Shaudawn

4071 5 1 15824

It took a pandemic to make us realize that we craved more control over our world. It took an internet connection, a dreary winter, and a cleverly placed advertisement on the hottest game content delivery service to entice a million people across the world...

The Hand that Holds

By Janet

668 0 0 11107

Samma's only child is on the brink of death. Only when her wife's old adventuring companions, the vain halfling Professor Bitsy and his surly Uruk assistant Amellia, share their latest discovery, does she realise one last hope. She must find a forgotten Eldritch...

The Gamer Fan Fic

By Lone Mountain Artificer

636 0 0 1449

Everyone has some unspoken shared belief that when they go to sleep the world won’t have changed very much when they wake up. That even if there is some major event over night that it will still be somewhat understandable. No one accepts that the next time...