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Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Dark

The Painted Stars

By Melanie Goodman

988 0 0 13321

On the continent Edros lay the kingdoms of Igain, Marinna, Draivalon, and two new countries still squabbling of their names in the wake of freeing themselves from Draivalon's former imperial grip. As the kingdoms formed, each discovered a unique set of magical...

The Gate Chronicles: The Forgotten

By MissingRollPlayerFound

1046 0 0 891

Receiving $10,000 for a ten night sleep study seems too good to be true. And after waking up in an unfamiliar world, several strangers realize they might not get that money after all. Surviving in this foreign landscape will require their cunning, skills,...

An Efflorescence of Pix

By Elizabeth Earle

912 0 0 2972

It's been lifetimes since the pix frolicked on Midgard, their people long since extinct. But now that magic resurges, the pix are reappearing too! It's been a long time though, and everything has changed - will the pix learn to adapt and thrive? In the face...

A Way Back to Hell

By L. N. Cepeleva

8671 1 0 10856

"Fire burns; but the cold preserves." An old proverb uttered by the gods in eons past. Peadar forgot everything about the surface world since his abduction. Now an asar, he will find the magi who tore open his chest and ripped out his heart. His journey will...

Chronicles of Osera: Child of Mesendra

By Jennaskel

6328 1 0 26883

"The things I've created have consequence, therefore balance remains. What you have made has rules, which could always be bent. However, what Mesendra has done," Kallemor takes a slow inhale and releases it in a low hum. "It is sacrilege." ✴ When the spirit...

Black Swan

By NathaliaBooks1993

1220 0 0 35150

Het is vanuit het oogpunt van Odile nadat de prins de vloek over Odette heeft verbroken. Odile is nog onder Rothbarths vloek en de enige manier om de vloek te verbreken is met ware liefde. Iets waar ze geen hoop meer op heeft nadat Rothbarth haar bedrogen...

The Dream

By ValeneArts

98 0 0 1047

A woman wakes up without any memory of who she is or how she got into the castle that belongs to a mysterious and alluring man. He claims to be her lover and wants to find his way back into her heart. The castle is filled with ghost and shadow monsters....

Out of Solitude

By lyneaky2

360 0 0 12055

With Ashlyn gone and his heart in pieces, Damien strives to learn from his pain and continue living without forming any new attachments. But his next big goal in life will require him to step into society and form connections if he is to rise to the top of...

House of Scarlet

By ejmichaels

7722 0 0 23951

A tale in the saga of The Twenty-year Slave, House of Scarlet takes place immediately following the conclusion of "Skamsen and the Lady." HOS details the story of the lady dressed in scarlet who chooses the sea instead of a life of servitude. But the gods...