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Contemporary Fantasy


By ForsakenCustodian

6061 0 0 14391

[b][ON HOLD][/b] An ex-rally driver wakes up young again, to relive past events in an unfamiliar world which forces him to rediscover important lessons he's forgotten in his old life. [p]Character art drawn by Megamint07[/p]

The Southern Magicks

By Geek_Aflame

32232 0 0 0

A close encounter with death dramatically changes Dexter’s life. The brutal demon attack forcing him to face his ability to see the dead. With his secret in the open reluctant Dexter is forced to work for the magical detective agency ran by his family. He...

Greek Fire 1

By fanonmags

1071 0 0 29

Living in modern-day London, Apollo, Artemis and Dionysus face their own unique sets of challenges - no one can know they’re gods, except nature spirits and fellow gods. All that is endangered, however, when people come back from the dead, and Theseus takes...

Allison's Defeat

By jrcsalter

7847 1 0 18108

[h2]The further she runs from her fate The closer the Devil's Emissary marches to his.[/h2] [quote]An enjoyable ride. I'm definitely glad I read it.|Brandon Hale, author of the Day Soldiers saga[/quote] Sixteen year old Allison has definite plans for her...


By Steejay

889 0 0 29904

How can you see what’s real and be seen for what you truly are, when society makes you hide your face and view the world through blinders? And do you really want to see the truth? And are you ready to be seen? A student journalist fighting to claw her way...


By Escritora Novata

997 2 0 474

Two siblings in their late teens lost their way and end in a cave they didn't know existed. The apprentice of the @[Ogha's Law Enforcers](profession:dc5d2be5-edbb-4dcd-9687-476755e15c16)‌ ' leader gets out of his way to ask for advice. Those small changes...