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Tale Foundry Writing Prompts

By John Perceval Cain

2261 0 0 3941

This is a growing anthology of all the pieces I submit for the Tale Foundry’s weekly writing prompt. J.P. Cain

Das Alte Reich

By foxteeth

10316 0 0 15208

Begebenheiten und Geschichten aus dem alten Kaiserreich Angoria.

Neverwinter Short Stories

By FearBot

4345 1 0 1399

This is a collection of events, histories, and stories that expand the fiction of Neverwinter Stories.

Traveler's Anthology: The Universal Stranger

By Koranami

18034 0 0 20002

The Universal Stranger is the first in the Traveler's Anthology, a series of narrative collections exploring the world of Tanju in various ways. In this collection, we join Yunha Cheng-yo, a half-elf historian from the Ji-laani Kingdom's province of Senan...