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Kodama by Amy Winters-Voss
This pet shop, run by shrewd business woman, Okamoto Megumi, specializes in the rarest of animals and young trainable servitor yokai. The most popular pets she sells include bonsai Kodama and sapient koi. Every once in a while, she gets the odd request for a cat or dog and she humors her customers by having one fetched from the pound in Kabukichou.


View From the Outside

Thick glass bricks under a plaster arch accent the facade. An awning, which seems ridiculous at first in this underground setting, shields visitors from the ever present miasma drizzle. A sign in thin precise handwritten kanji shows the hours and 'No Loitering' stands out in bold red.  
by Hero Forge + AWV
In the front window, you'll see a kojin weaving. He cries often, but Megumi knows each tear is a perfect pearl. Why let a source of income go to waste? An awkward contraption resembling a Rube Goldberg machine hanging from the ceiling captures each pearl tear and transports it to the floor above.



The shop front is open with ward based cages, so shoppers can get a good look at and touch the potential pets. Pet trinkets, collars, beds, and anything a being could need line the walls.   In the back is a storage area for food, cleaning supplies, and creatures in quarantine and 'time out'.   The second floor is Megumi's efficiency style living quarters and her office. She lushly furnished her personal room with Western style furniture—a puffy couch and a draped four-poster bed. A toilet room is at the back. Since there is no bath, Megumi uses the public bathhouse.   Her well lit office is small. A dark wood desk and glowing ancient filing cabinet are the only furniture. Embedded in the wall is a magically warded safe that keys only to her ki signature.   Megumi enjoys running her shop and does her best for the creatures under her care.
Kiosk / Small store
Parent Location
Megumi rarely runs them. So if you see one, take advantage!
Before Megumi purchased the building, it was a specialty kimono shop.

The dolts who owned the shop before me didn't have a lick of financial sense. No wonder they went out of business so fast!


Cover image: by AMV + icons by Luvdat


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